What is a Scuf Controller

A sucf controller is a normal controller but with paddles on the back. You can program the paddles to do the same thing as a button on the front side of the controller. Which allows the player to move from the joysticks to the buttons. Scuf controllers are avaliable for Xbox and PS controllers.

Why you need a Scuf Controller

The scuf controller allows the player react faster and instead of having to move the thumb from the joystick to the buttons. This is because the paddles on the back and you use a different finger instead of using your thumb and have to switch between the joystick and buttons. This helps you react faster and most players to look around while they jump.

Why professionals use Scuf Controllers

Professionals use scuf controller, because it helps them play much better and aloows them to get better game play for the viewers. Professionals also give new gamers better gaming options which includes controllers.

Why you shouldn't get a Scuf COntroller

You shouldn't get a scuf controller is because for some people it is just a waste of money. Paying all that money just to get a more comfortable controller and just paddles in the back. People just want to play and don't really care how professionally they play.

How much are Scuf Controllers?

Scuf Controllers go around $37 to attach it to your controller. This is the price if you just want to attach it to your controller. If you want a custom scuf controller then you are looking around $90.

Does it matter what kind of Console I have?

It doesn't really matter on what type of console you have but using a more recent console is better, because it functions better with the newer and custom scuf controllers.